Day 17: Mile 102 | Long Branch ShelterWe woke up at 8am in Rock Gap Shelter. In a small puddle of water. We looked up and realized the entire roof had duct tape patches on it that we hadn't seen in the dark. I was really groggy from the Seroquel. Slowly we got up and …

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Day 14: Mile 84 | Budget Inn at FranklinI woke up around 7am to see Whisperer and the boys off on their journey southbound to make up the miles back to Deep Gap. After they left I climbed back into bed and iced my ankle. I tried to watch TV (which I apparently don’t know …

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Day 11: Mile 73.5 | Plumorchard Shelter Whisperer and I got a shuttle at 10am from the Holiday Inn Express at Hiawassee with Sally, a local who works with her partner Joyce to shuttle hikers. The rain had started early that morning. For some reason, my anxiety was off the charts that day. My heart …

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Gear: New shoes… again…

Okay, so we all know I've been struggling with my feet. Arguably, the hikers most important body part... [this post is pretty long... if you just want the advice you can scroll to the bottom] Blisters, Tendonitis, Plantar Fasciitis, bruising, and cramping: [forewarning, gross photos follow] I left in Altra Timps, got to Neel Gap …

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Day 6: mile 42.6 | Low Gap ShelterToday was a ROUGH day. We didn't leave until 12:30pm after checking out of the cabins and saying some goodbyes. Michelin had to go home today because of a very swollen knee. It was really sad and we plan to call him every single day until he gets …

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Personal: Don’t let anyone stop you.

What I want you to take away from this post is not my begrudging disdain for the questions I, and many women hikers I know, have gotten. What I want you to walk away with is this statement ringing in your ears and rolling off your tongues, repeat after me: "I will not tell an …

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Personal: The Trail Mentality

At the time of this writing I’m 9 days into my trek. I am less than a day away from the NC border. I have been in the rain for the better part of my 11 days. I am wet and cold and exhausted, and (TMI Alert) I just got my period. Here’s the reality: …

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Day 1 : Mile 1 | Springer Mountain ShelterWe pulled into the parking lot of Amicalola Falls State Park at just past 8:30am on Sunday, February 18, 2018. It was a lovely day, the skies having just cleared from days of rain, and I was extremely anxious. We walked into the lodge and signed in …

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Gear: How to get the Deals

How to get a 'steal' on your tent, gear, and clothing for your next Thru-Hike!


Gear: New Shoes

I got rid of my Altras, find out why...